You can live large in a small house

Last fall, I spoke with two families for the Toronto Observer about life in a small house.

Kendal Gerard and her husband Pierre Landry currently live in a post-war red brick bungalow in East York, Ontario. Gerard blogs about urban life and decorating for small spaces at her blog, Little Bungalow.

Flashback …

about 60 years, when families were looking to find a small space to settle down after a second world war, Marjorie Rogers (who was 90 when we spoke in November, 2012) wanted a place for her two small children to play. She and her husband, Winston Rogers (who died in 2000) bought a war bungalow in a new development called “Sunshine Valley.”

Marjorie and Winston were living small before it was considered ‘cool.’

Together they raised six children in that house (where she still lived as of 2012) in the East York neighbourhood now known as Topham Park.

The photos below were compiled for the Topham Park History Harvest, held in 2010. Read the story here.


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